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Breakfast muffins get interesting.


Regular muffins are great and you can never go wrong with a classic, but my taste buds get bored they need different flavours and combinations to keep the eating (and baking) process interesting.  Like my smoothies, I experiment a lot with my muffins and these were a small concoction of chocolate chips, pistachios, sunflower seeds and black sesame.  If you miss out on chocolate in your muffin, you can count on a few pistachios in there.

I was asked how I come up with the flavours, and really it’s what ever I have on hand, and I guess you could say I am a curious baker that likes to see how flavours combine when baked, I also like to make sure the nutritional elements are covered.  I was also asked how I come to buy all my ingredients, and most of them can be purchased locally with the exception of a few.  Wouldn’t it be great if there was a place in town that would offer playful muffins like these without having to bake your own or worry about the ingredients?  🙂


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