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The FTG Bliss Ball


Is total bliss.  You can eat this and at the same time know that this gorgeous ball of sticky and chewy dough is healthy, nutritious, gluten free, natural, raw and totally guilt free.  For those that live in the world of bliss food, everyone has their own little twist, and I do love the typical bounty ball which resembles your Bounty chocolate bar, but I also love the added flavour of caramel.  I coated my bliss balls today in home made chocolate made from raw cacao powder, cold pressed coconut oil and maple syrup.

I have developed this wonderful treat for an outlet which is opening up in a few months, so the recipe is exclusive to the venue – sorry guys.  But I can tell you it is loaded with amazing raw ingredients.  If you would like some other recipes for similar treats, please message me and I would be happy to put something together for you.


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