Healthy / Organic / Post-Workout Smoothie

Ayurvedic Healing Smoothie


Turmeric is the Golden Spice in Ayurvedic medicine.  A good friend recommended I look into Turmeric as a natural healing element and after reading a bit of material, this beautifully colored spice has many health benefits, it is an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, great for allergies, persistent coughs, bronchial asthma.  Turmeric also helps to thin the blood and applied topically it can relieve eczema and help with psoriasis.  The list of treatments is almost endless.

I made myself a potent little tonic last week, which I am still taking every night and I ‘believe’ it is helping with my allergies.  Today, I wanted to incorporate more of this healing into my post workout smoothie and it was a beautiful result.  The one thing I look forward to after a hard session at the gym is my protein smoothie, and today was an exceptional reward with a super ingredients and amazing flavour.  The mint and manuka honey mellows, the already mellow turmeric and the Vivo Active plant based protein powder is a wonderful sweet base, and then the nutty almond milk and cashew butter, I could call this my meal for the day because it has everything one needs for energy and nutrition and muscle recovery.  I am a big believer in looking after your skin and weight maintenance through good food and quality ingredients, and natural and organic pays off down the track.


3 thoughts on “Ayurvedic Healing Smoothie

  1. How much of each ingredient did you use? Id love to try it. And also did you peel the skin off of the turmeric before or did you just throw it in?


    • Hi there, if you follow my instagram, I often post my ingredients for smoothies that way. 2 cups almond milk, half cup frozen pineapple, 1 tbsp cashew butter, 1 tbsp turmeric powder, 1 tbsp manuka honey, 1 scoop vivo active plant based protein (you can use what ever protein powder you have, if you have any , or just leave it out), 6 fresh mint leaves. I have never used fresh turmeric so I am not sure how much flavour there is, but fresh is always best, so you may want to try a tablespoon of fresh grated turmeric without the skin (I would treat it like ginger), and add more if you like. Enjoy, I certainly did.


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