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A lunch date I couldn’t wait to have.


This is something you should make at home, and eat at home, much like some gym equipment, there is no dainty way to handle this…  I had olive oil and egg yolk all over my hands and dripping onto the plate, and honestly I couldn’t put it down, it was delicious.  Would I eat it any other way?  No.

Brown a clove of garlic in olive oil, don’t even bother stirring it, once it is brown throw in the spinach and wilt for 20 seconds.  Crack your eggs over the top, crack some salt and pepper and let the egg whites turn opaque.  Place under the grill with a sprinkle of grated cheese.  Cook until the yolks are just the way you like, with care and love and a little bit of drool, move your eggs and spinach over the tortilla.

Snap the moment and gobble.

Spinach, eggs, garlic & cheese – that’s all you need for an amazing lunch.  I had my lunch in a tortilla, eventually rolled up, but some toast or a roll would be just as perfect!


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