Afternoon Tea / Baking / Coffee

Coffee, Plum & Olive Oil Cake w Whole Wheat


I have been reading about the benefits of using whole wheat flour, it’s different to wholemeal.  Whole Wheat flour uses the entire grain, it’s much higher in fibre and other nutrients, so it’s good for you if you are not intolerant to Gluten.  It can be difficult to bake with because it’s quite dense, but there are a few little tricks.  This cake was inspired by the many Olive oil cakes I have seen.  I also wanted to try coffee and plum together, so today I bought one of those super large bags of whole wheat flour at the local grocery store, and took the plunge with plum and coffee.

The result is a cake which is heavier than a regular tea cake, but has the amazing reflections of coffee and sour plum, and it definitely has a more pronounced wheat flavour and texture.  It may not be every body’s piece of cake, but I certainly enjoyed this, bearing in mind the healthier approach to baking.  This cake reminds me of Germany… It should be eaten on a wintery day with a super hot espresso.


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