5 minute breaky prep, for a 30 min sleep-in…


If I can prepare my breakfast in the evening, I can hope for a 30 minute sleep-in, or am I dreaming?  Sleep-ins are dependent on only one thing in this household, the 3 year old resident.

Breaky prep for Mum just means a little less chaos on the kitchen bench.

Tonight I am trying something new, Buckwheat, or also known as Buckinis is a gluten free grain with many health benefits and I usually eat sprinkled on cereal, but I think it might also be nice soaked with oats overnight in almond milk.  Buckwheat is very high in protein, and coupled with oats, makes for a great metabolism boost.  The husks of the buckwheat are actually used in non allergenic pillows as stuffings, and it may help with my current allergy issues to dust and pollen.  Buckwheat also draws out excess fluid from high retention areas, water retention in the tropics is a common problem.

So I am preparing a superfood breakfast.  It’s super easy, super fast and super yummy.


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