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Chicken Pie w Butter Garlic Mashed Peas


What’s that Mum?  Referring to the green mushy layer in the chicken pie.  I love peas with pies.  I used to work at a bakery back in my university days and this is where I learnt all about mushy peas with pie.  Delicious!  So to put a little twist on our home baked pies, I decided to throw a spoonful of mushy peas into the pies before baking.  With my trusted nutribullet, I first browned garlic and butter in a pan and then threw half a bag of frozen baby peas and cooked until they were just warm, making sure to keep the sweet green flavour.  I whizzed it for a few minutes until I had thick, pulpy mash… I could have eaten this without the pie, quiet easily.

So my little one was instantly drawn to the color while I was photographing and couldn’t help but touch the green, I got in there quick enough with a few shots before he went in for the poke.


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