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La Cha Cha Chia in my pizza!


There are two things that make a pizza, the base and the tomato topping.  If you can get these right, then everything else is secondary.  My 3 year old loves pizza – making it, rolling it, throwing it, and cutting it, and least of all eating it!  Until last Sunday where he attended a birthday party and enjoyed a very big piece to himself.  So this had me started, does he like Pizza now, or was it this particular pizza that tickled his taste buds?  So I got out my favourite and easiest pizza dough and started to make some from scratch.  This is where it went off tangent slightly and I added chia seeds in… It was a good idea, and it ended with a good result.  The pizza dough was simply pizza dough with chia seeds – no body knew anything until I asked.

I like to make my own tomato base because I add loads of garlic and fresh herbs, and with that I made one with ham, and the other with just mozzarella.  My son had pizza and pulled chicken for dinner.

What was on your dinner plate this evening?


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