Healthy / Home Cooking / Vegan

Chow Chow time!


Green Tea Japanese soba noodles and sesame dressing, with chilli fried tofu, cauliflower and fried eggplant.  This is the perfect meal.  Full of protein and full of amazing flavours and textures.  The Buddha bowl is real contentment for the soul.

The Japanese noodles are cooked in 5 minutes… so quick!  Add the sesame dressing (it’s in the recipe section).  For the toppings I only needed one pan, the eggplant was the first to be cooked, fried in a light olive oil, removed and placed on paper towels.  Next was the tofu, coated in sweet chilli sauce and crisped on all sides and placed next to the eggplant to cool.  The cauliflower was the last of the trio, and it was cooked in the pan with a dash of water deglazing the caramelised sweet chilli.

So simple and so easy, my one pan, one bowl vegan treat.


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