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Fresh Bread w Pear & Danish Havarti


If only the house could smell like freshly baked bread every day.

I rarely bother to make bread, but I wanted to try this no-fuss recipe that doesn’t require any kneading, just lots of waiting… and it was worth the wait.  The day goes by anyway, so you may as well have some dough proving away while that’s happening.

In the end I made three different loaves from the same dough.  The highlight was the Pear and Danish Havarti.  It is a pleasant combination that was wonderfully sweet and cheesy and in my opinion, the perfect partner to some spicy salami or chorizo.

The bread resembled a ciabatta loaf, but with a softer centre.  You could use any combination you wish.  One of the flavoured loaves was a sun dried tomato with almond and parsley.

I guess the best thing about this recipe is the versatility and opportunity to play with your favourite flavours.


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