Afternoon Tea / Baking

A confused cookie & a happy cookie Monster.


What we have here is a confused cookie who is not sure if he is a healthy treat or a special indulgence, and a happy cookie monster who loves his cookies and is getting a bit extra of fibre and protein in his belly.

I don’t have much luck with cookies, but my little one became quite used to the little treats at our favourite bakery in Brisbane when we were last there, and they make amazing cookies and sell them by the bag.  I wanted to cookies another try because they are perfect for school lunches and to keep in jars for when friends come around.  They turned out beautifully.  I used self raising cake flour and butter which I believe makes a cookie a cookie.  You can substitute with different flours and shortenings, but the ultimate cookie really does comprise good ole’ flour and butter.

But it doesn’t end here, as all things in the FTG kitchen, I wanted to add an element of healthy and good just to even things out, so I finely chopped up some big fat dates, some raw cashew nuts and included a tablespoon of flaxseed meal which is high in fibre, protein, and has the ability to lower cholesterol.

I love the best of both worlds in one.

Refer to the recipe section if you wish to try these golden cookies.


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