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Ricotta rolls w cheddar, spinach, maple fried bacon & fat yoghurt & chilli dip

ricotta rolls

These could have been left as they are with a lovely spinach and ricotta filling, but because they were made with breakfast in mind, I decided to fry some bacon with maple syrup and mix that into the ricotta filling with some cheddar.  A few pieces went into the school lunch box, the rest stayed home and were eaten quickly enough.

The recipe will be on the blog shortly, and you will want to try these because they are slightly addictive, and took me no longer than 10 minutes to prepare and the oven took over and finished the job – the soft light centre, with a bit of string from the cheddar, the surprises of sweet and salty bacon, and that puff pastry buttery crunch… What a contract to yesterday’s breakfast spread, but just as good – I think.

Enjoy your Friday.


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