Eating In

Steamed Buns w Swede, Eggplant, Tofu & crispy Lap Chong

steamed bun

These make you work a little bit harder, but the end result is pretty special.  I surprised my small audience at home with this, even though they may have been expecting something like molten chocolate, or a meat ball – now there are some ideas!

Just a little piece of advice, they are only good while fresh and eaten on the same day but that’s ok because they are pretty tasty and wouldn’t last long at a dinner party as an entrée.  They could even be presented with a hot soup… Yumm!

Steamed buns usually have a nice sticky pork filling, but I saw this interesting vegetable at the shops called a Swede and instead of filling these buns with meat, I thought vegetables and tofu with just a hint of chinese pork sausage, would make for an interesting alternative.

Once you have the dough up your sleeve, you can use your imagination and create anything.  My son wouldn’t eat these, he said he wanted ‘chicken’, so chicken filling it is for the next lot!


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