Eating In

Chicken Katsu w Adobo Sauce – the best of Japanese & Filipino on a plate.


I will also be completely honest and say that the best Adobo is made by my Dad who is German and was taught by my Mum who is Filipino.  He makes a really good Adobo with a mix of pork and chicken and it’s quite amazing.

The Japanese element in this dish is chicken Katsu, panko crumbed and fried chicken, and Adobo is that sweet, salty and vinegary stew.  Putting these two together on a plate really doesn’t need anything else, but for the sake of some color, I added a leaf from my organic herb garden… And don’t get me wrong, I love my veggies and have often thought about going vegetarian, but it’s dishes like this that prevent that change from happening.

Now everyone has their own version of Adobo, and you will see my simple version in the recipe section, give and take a few more peppercorns based on your preference.  I think this is one of those basic meals that should be eaten at least once a week, because it’s so easy to prepare.  And before I forget, Panko crumbs are available here, I was super excited to see them on the shelves and grabbed a few packets not knowing if they would still be in stock when I return to buy more.  Panko crumbs are special because they tend to keep the meat crisp, and they are specially designed for frying.


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