A sweet, wholesome breakfast spread.


If you have a good waffle maker I would encourage you to try these lovely healthy hearts of job.  If you dont tell anyone they are made from Spelt, coconut flour and oat meal, then it wont hurt them 🙂

My waffle device is one of those that sits on the stove top, the old fashioned kind, and it takes a bit of waking up, and the first two batches usually don’t turn out so well, so be patient and the result will come.  The oat meal and coconut makes this batter quite sticky but once cooked, it’s a nice texture – not quite like a regular waffle.

The grated orange rind is perfect for that citrusy flavour for the morning taste buds, and it’s nicely coupled with the sweet, sour grapefruit.  I also offer cashew butter or coconut caramel as a spread for the waffles, rather than cream.  I think these deserve a healthy indulgence.

Happy Thursday everyone.


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