Waking up to cupcakes & flower picking.


We received a surprise delivery from a wonderful little bake house last night.  The cookie monster in me wanted to grab one for the gobble.  The dainty cakes are clever because they tell you what they are, the Apple Pie and Crunchie cupcakes were both yelling at me… or should I say, the cookie monster in me.

My blog is primarily reserved for my own material, but on the very rare occasion something else will appeal to my eyes and start my creative juices flowing.  What do I get out of this?  I get to be creative and play with my props and my camera and capture a little bit of beauty for anyone that is interested.  There is a fair bit of preparation and time that goes into developing a food set, and we have to ask the Sun if she would be kind enough to give us good natural light for the photographs, otherwise my friends the lamps help me out.  The sun was very good to us this morning.

Nomz Delights make elegant little cakes using classic ingredients and making classic flavours that can be enjoyed by the whole family.  For more information, you can contact Nomz Delights directly through their facebook page


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