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Who almost burns the house down while cooking?


When I was about 7 years old, I almost burnt the house down.  I wanted so badly to cook and while my parents were out, I decided to heat some oil and fry bananas.  To cut a story short and to mention the most vivid images I can recall, the kitchen ceiling was black, the pot was blacker and somehow ended up outside on the grass upside down, the fire brigade had come and gone (after I told them everything was ok), and I tried desperately to clean the kitchen ceiling standing on a chair and with a soaking mop dripping all over me, in the hope that my parents wouldn’t find out.  Of course, it never works out that way you want, pray and wish.

So that was my first attempt at cooking, my second attempt was more successful and I can remember it was lasagne.  I chose lasagne as it was something I wanted to try and most of the time we would either eat Filipino or German cuisine at home, and seeing pictures of lasagne made me so curious, so the only way was to make it myself – this is the inspiration behind everything I do – the curiosity.  The first lasagne must have taken me all day to prepare and cook.  Now it’s something I can make relatively quickly, and I don’t mind saying that it’s a favourite of many of our close friends that have come over to have dinner with us.  It’s also one of my son’s favourite dishes.  Sometimes I change a few things and this time I gave the béchamel a bit of a kick with seeded mustard and fresh organic parsley.  Behind every beautiful dish is a special story.


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