The FTG Family – excuse the non food related story…


FTG started out as a simple blog in December of 2014, thankfully it is still a simple blog, and the family has extended to a Facebook Page and Instagram and Pinterest accounts.  At first I wasn’t sure why I should open it up further, although through the evolution of the Blog, I have had feedback asking me about what I like to do in my spare time when I am not photographing, blogging, preparing food and so forth.  I often get asked about where I get my inspiration from, usually it comes to me at the strangest of times like when I am taking time out in a massage and an idea pops into my head and I cant wait to get out of there and get it started… I also have an addiction to Pinterest because I find so many interesting things on the internet and everything is so cleverly categorised.  So each account of FTG serves a different purpose and presents another angle of FTG.

I have learnt that some people like the stories and the images come secondary, some like the recipes and the images, and then there are those that just want to know the person behind the quirkiness.

I guess this post is a bit of a celebration in how social media has helped FTG grow organically.


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