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Spelt Butter cake with Coconut & Red Bean


First time ever to use spelt flour, and first time ever to use red bean paste.  Welcome to the pantry guys…

Spelt flour does contain gluten but for some that have gluten intolerances, spelt flour can at times be eaten without too much trouble.  It resembles flour in every way, except it is much higher in protein and other nutrients than normal flour and contains less gluten.  So it is much better for you in general.  It is available locally but also very expensive, hopefully we will see a reduction in the pricing over time.

Red Bean paste to the Asians, is like Nutella to the Germans.  Considering this was a butter cake, the spelt flour, coconut and red bean really works together.  You need a good moist cake base to compliment the red bean, otherwise you will have a cake that crumbles and falls apart around the dollops of red bean.

I would love to know if anyone uses spelt on a regular basis and how they use it, wether they mix it with other flours, or simply substitute.


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