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R awe-Inspiring


In awe, and inspired by how delicious raw food can be, and how easy it is to prepare a super breakfast.  I believe that the morning sets the day, if you can wake up and open the fridge to have your ‘super’ breakfast ready, then your day has started well.

The overnight raw oats were soaked with chopped dates and raisins, in a blend of almond milk with cashews, almonds and cacao.  Oats are one of those negative calorie foods, your body needs energy to process and break them down, which in turn requires high energy from your body reserves.

The chia seeds were plumped overnight in a beautiful fragrant coconut and almond milk that was warmed with lemon zest and smashed cardamom seeds.  This would have been inspiring with freshly cut fruit, but I don’t have anything interesting on hand today, so pistachios and shaved coconut will do just fine.

Chia seeds are supposed to help control appetite… Hmmmm, I am not sure about that because when I eat them, I just want to keep eating more!  On a serious note, chia seeds are high in fibre, protein, calcium, antioxidants, and omega-3, so it’s a bit of a super-food containing most things that our bodies need.  Chia seeds absorb fluids and swell, so it may make you feel fuller for longer, thus decreasing your appetite.  Either way, this food post is as healthy as it gets.  I will share the recipes in the recipe section in the following days.


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