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Coconut Rice Cake & Pandan Custard Overlay

pandan rice cake

This is for all my Filipino friends out there, I finally put together a Pinoy inspired recipe.  I had always planned to include exciting dishes from my cultural background, and recently I received some messages requesting for Filipino food.  Biko is traditional rice cake and my Mother makes a really nice chewy Biko with a sugary caramel topping.  This is like any other good dish, everyone has their own little spin on it, and this is mine… a basic glutinous rice cake with a pandan custard overlay, it has reduced sugar and the rice is initially cooked in water rather than coconut milk, and I also bake my rice cake.  For the ‘canopy’ I made a custard with tapioca starch and coconut milk amongst other ingredients.  I absolutely love the flavour of pandan, it is addictive in sweet food, and it’s just as moreish in savoury dishes.  Biko does not usually have a topping, but I took this idea from Cassava cake which can be topped with varying custards made from cheese and coconut.  I let my imagination run a bit wild with this one, and I ended up with a quirky dessert that is chewy, custardy, soft and decadent.

My coconut rice cake with pandan custard is 100% vegan.


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