Would you like to eat a pumpkin tonight?


I wanted to fill my shopping trolley with these, the burnt orange of these miniature pumpkins caught my eyes immediately.  I had never seen pumpkins the size of my hand before, so I bought two just to see how they would bake.  Small versions tend to be sweeter than their larger counterparts.  So I quartered one and removed the seeds, and the other I chopped in half with seeds in tact.  A generous grind of salt, canola oil (because it is light in taste and I didn’t want too much taking away from the flavour of the pumpkin), nutmeg, and fresh Thyme.

They baked at 200 Celsius for 25 minutes and they were perfect, sweet, firm but soft as well.  When I cook these again, I know to split in half, remove the sides and fill with something spicy and sweet.

These could be a side order for any amazing meal, but I decided to chop it up and try my hand at another batch of savoury muffins.  The next few days will be on the move and a small stock of these will be handy for those hungry moments.


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