Baking / Eating In

Thyme roasted (mini) pumpkin, spicy salami & mozarella cakes


The perfect comfort food.  I can think of many things to do with these, but my top three would be to eat on it’s own straight out of the oven while still hot and the muffin is held together by strings of the organic mozzarella cheese, or you could dunk it into a hot spicy bean soup to compliment the slivers of shaved salami, or you could cut into quarters and scatter them generously on a mixed platter with loads of fruit, cheese and cured meats.

These savoury cakes have the best of both worlds, the sweet pumpkin, the mild stringy cheese and the spicy meat.  It all melts together.  Did I mention that these cakes are butter based?  Hhhmmmm, so buttery and soft.

Happy Sunday, and here is wishing we were somewhere a little bit warmer!


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