It’s a Matcha in heaven!!


Sometimes you have just have to throw it all in and see what you end up with.  I haven’t had a bad one yet, smoothie that is.  I guess because I love flavours and my taste buds are living their life again.  I used to be a smoker about 8 years ago, and I never really had the passion for food and flavour like I do now.  One notable difference aside from the improvement in my skin, was the difference that food made, and now I eat for my taste buds and not my stomach, although my eyes tend to work hand in hand with my stomach and somewhere along the way there tends to be miscommunication…

I had a lovely friend tell me last night that she looks forward to my posts every day.  Things like this are very special to me and it tells me that my idea a few months ago, about sharing food ideas and exploring the fun in cooking and eating, was not a silly idea.


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