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Tarty Cranberry & Pineapple post workout smoothie


‘Tart’ as in taste and not… I saw some frozen cranberries at the grocery store yesterday and decided I should probably add a few of those into my diet.  I bet you didn’t know that cranberries are good for a healthy mouth by inhibiting bad acid production, and on the other end of it, it’s also very good for urinary tract health – something that’s important for everyone from children right through to adults.

Cranberries are so sweet when they are dried, but frozen they can be a little sour, so it is perfect with my Vivo protein powder which has so much natural sweetness in it already.  You know my story on the pineapple, I have loads of it sitting in my freezer at the moment – I got smart and bought a few before the season ended.  A pineapple at the markets will set you back about K20 at the moment, which is quite expensive for a single fruit.  All the things I am learning along the way while maintaining this blog.


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