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My beautiful moral story about the speckled taro – my version.


We were given a very large, fresh and purple speckled taro this morning by our Auntie L.  After wondering how to cook it, I asked both Auntie L and Auntie Yo how they would cook Taro at home.  With that, I told them I would make something different they could enjoy and take home to their families to share.  The ladies watched with interest and enthusiasm, after going through the stages of caramelising the taro with ginger and spring onions and adding the spices and sugar and then reducing the coconut milk to a thick pulp, it was ready to try.  But first I said I had to take a photo, and what a great opportunity to use my latest pottery find from Kainantu.  As I type this, I know that both Aunties are telling this story to their husbands and children, and having a chuckle over me cooking something for them, with what they are experts at.

This is what it’s all about for me really.  The enjoyment in cooking and sharing, and inspiring others and giving new life to ingredients that have become boring.  I should also add that this is my version of Taro, now it could be similar to how other people prepare it, and if you really think about, there isn’t a great deal in this world you can call yours, there are 100’s of versions of everything that exist.


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