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It’s a chicken loaf in the making, cant you tell?


How did I pour the herbs and crumbs into my mixture and take the photo at the same time?  I didn’t, our lovely Auntie Yo also has a hidden talent of being my food and photography assistant.

My meal prep is all ready now.  I have my chicken mince, raw ingredients, spices and herbs all mixed together and chilling in the fridge ready to mould and bake.  It cant be any easier than this for a Monday.  I cant seem to find chicken mince anywhere, so I make my own with chicken breast fillets, it takes an extra 10 minutes of time, but I find that chicken loaf is a much lighter alternative to red meat and pork.  chicken breast can be a bit dry at times, however the pear, carrot and zucchini will keep the loaf moist throughout baking and the breadcrumbs and egg will maintain a nice smooth texture.  I am looking forward to eating this post workout with a side salad and a fruit spritz.


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