Morning Tea

Play dates are getting fancy!


Play date means pancakes for my little one and his two friends.  Since the day I can remember, these three have been having play dates every Wednesday and just as much as they enjoy playing, they also enjoy the eating side because they get mostly sweet treats.  Not one play date has gone by that I have not made pancakes.  Today I needed to change it up a bit, if they are getting boring for me to make, they must be getting boring to eat as well.

So, I split the batter in half and sprinkled ‘100s and 1000s’ while they were each cooking in the pan.  The other half of the batter, I added 1 tablespoon of warmed strawberry jam.

What we ended up with was a funfetti nutella pancake sandwich, and then a strawberry pancake sandwich filled with cream cheese and sliced banana.  Is this a bit fancy or what?  Did it all get eaten you ask?  The funfetti is always a winner. 🙂


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