Afternoon Tea / Baking

Double choc chip and Amond meal Muffins with Coconut and Cashew Sprinkles


These muffins came about because my other half asked me to make ‘plain’ chocolate muffins for some of the boys at work, nothing fancy, just good old plain chocolate.  Firstly, I don’t do just plain anything, and secondly the way I interpret this is ‘plain’ means ‘no fruit’.  So a muffin with the choc chips was not going to be a problem, and who doesn’t like nuts?

In making this, I adjusted the batter slightly to make sure they were not going to be too dry with the almond meal, and they turned out beautifully.

You may have noticed that I am a muffin topper kind of person.  I don’t like cream and frosting, but I do love muffins that have a bit extra on the top.  Last few have been with fruit which have dried nicely in the oven whilst baking, and today I decided coconut and cashew would add some extra crunch.

You may also be wondering about the canvas that the muffins are sitting on, and I found it recently on my prop hunting trip.  It is a super sized tea towel bought from a beautiful shop in Brisbane called Victor Scot.  I had trouble deciding on which tea towel to buy as they were all so eye catching.


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