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Thank goodness for the crumbed chicken… says the Man.

lettuce cups

I love meals that you build yourself.  Even though I had my lettuce cups with everything, this is the kind of set up where the table can pick and chose their fillings, and try different combinations.  Saturday afternoon is my time to either read and search for inspiration, or to bring it to life.  Today was one of those days where I just had to have soba noodles that could be eaten rolled up in lettuce… don’t we all have those kinds of urges from time to time?  I had all my favourite things set out for me tonight.

Soba noodles in a dressing of miso paste, maple and ginger there was a bit of hidden garlic, olive oil and lemon juice as well.  The soba and its dressing were tossed together with a handful of lemon basil and coriander from the herb garden.  These noodles are amazing just on their own, but to make it interesting I roasted eggplant, carrot and tofu in the oven until they were like crisps, again these were great just on their own.  Now for the chicken, dare I say, if I had not made crumbed chicken tonight, then my husband may have eaten sandwiches for dinner…

I will post the recipes separately for the soba noodles and miso dressing, and the oven-roasted veg and tofu fries.


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