Wholemeal French Toast Waffles with Nutella

mothers daybreaky

What is exactly is a French toast waffle you ask?  Yes they are two separate things, but I have managed to bind them into one.

If you have a waffle press then keep reading.  If you don’t have one, then buy one and smile.  I have a simple and old school waffle press.  It sits on the stove and not plugged into the wall.  I prefer this because it’s much easier to clean and you can control the waffle with the heat of the stove, if you want them crispy, you keep them on longer.

With a waffle press, you can press a few different things, other than ‘waffle’ batter.  This morning I smothered some nutella on wholemeal bread, dipped them into an egg and milk wash and placed in the waffle press and cooked.  It was perfect.  A light dusting of icing sugar and I think there you might have the perfect ‘relatively healthy’ Mother’s Day breaky.


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