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Passata poached egg with Chickpeas and Feta – For my GF friends


Minus the toasted multigrain tortilla.  All the rest is gluten-free.  Passata is so simple to make and is almost as quick as opening a jar of ready made, so why not take the extra few minutes to make it yourself?  Whiz a can of whole peeled tomatoes for 20 seconds, fry some garlic and onion until soft, add the prepped tomatoes and simmer.  I added a pinch of cumin and salt and pepper and let the spices dissolve and aromatise, and then added half a can of chick peas and crumbled feta.  Crack the egg, cover with the lid and wait patiently for a few more minutes.  Eat just as is, or a crispy toasted tortilla, and if this is your big meal for the day, why not try some thick sliced toast with melted cheddar as a dipper…

There are so many options with this dish which I will try later down the track with roasted eggplant and yoghurt, and even pumpkin with cauliflower, but what I really want to do is find some local spinach.

All ingredients should really be staples in your fridge and pantry, so I don’t think there are excuses for not being able to magically whip this up for a quick breakfast, lunch or dinner.


2 thoughts on “Passata poached egg with Chickpeas and Feta – For my GF friends

  1. Dear Jacqui, Enjoying reading your creations when I can. I have a little bit of local spinach which you are welcome to have, I also have a packet of seeds which I am not going to plant so you are welcome to try growing your own. Have a great day & let me know if you want either of these items. Take care, Love Kathryn Date: Mon, 4 May 2015 04:36:59 +0000 To:


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