Afternoon Tea / Baking

I do, said Pistachio to Ginger.


This is a wonderful marriage between a milky nutty flavour and a hint of sweet and spicy ginger.  Have you ever served cake in a bowl?  Why not?  At least it catches all the crumbs for later 🙂

The local ginger is amazingly juicy and perfect for baking because the flavour reaches out to every element in the recipe.  When I bought this ginger, it was wet and transparent, an indication of how fresh the ginger was at the time.  My aim to develop more recipes incorporating local PNG produce and using ingredients that are readily available and affordable and taking them to a new level.  This beautiful cake is simply eggs, butter, flour, ginger, vanilla and pistachios.  Whilst pistachios are not locally grown, I happen to have an excess in my pantry that I need to use, but it can be substituted with any other nut meal.  There are no rules here.  If you would like to try this amazingly easy and darling cake, check in to the recipe section of the FTG blog.  Happy Sunday.


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