Eating In

So crunchy.


High in dietary fibre, high in anti-oxidants, it’s a complex carbohydrate or in other words low GI, and it’s low in fat.  I’m talking about that nutty, starchy root called Taro which I love more than potatoes!  I don’t eat a lot of Taro mainly because the good Taro is hard to find and not always available, but we had a delivery of market vegetables this week and amongst the freshness was a bag of small Singapore taro, and a large taro with purple veins running through it, instantly I knew this was quality.  So considering the seldomness, I wanted to make something special and I also wanted to show the two ladies that look after our house and our little one, a different way to cook this local vegetable.  Potatoes work well, but I can confirm that Taro works even better for Latkes.  Tonight I am making meatballs in a tomato base and poached eggs to lay on top of the Taro Latkes.  I am looking forward to our dinner, whilst it sounds like a big meal, the elements are healthy and portions are always in moderation.

Tonight’s dinner will be a little like breakfast, but I always said I could eat ‘breakfast’ food any time of the day.


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