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Smoothie with nuts…

nut smoothie

What is next asked a friend today… nothing too exciting I responded.  Just the most delicious drink ever!  My parents just returned from Brisbane and brought back for me the Vitamin Blast.  It is a super powerful version of the magic bullet, and I decided to try it out with frozen banana and pineapple, almond milk and a scoop of Vivo protein powder and just to add a bit of a challenge to test performance level, a handful of raw cashew nuts and flaxseed meal.  I can confirm that this appliance is worth every penny and every promise it makes on TV.  My smoothie was so velvet-like in texture, you wouldn’t know there were nuts blended into the drink.  My blender has been doing a fantastic job, but I am always left with a little bit of ‘unblended’ product.  With my new friend, I am left with nothing at the bottom – just a moustache for later on. 🙂

This was my late lunch for today, I am feeling a little bit under the weather at the moment with a sore throat so my appetite is gone, but I know I need some extra goodness to boost my immunity and my protein powder today from Vivo is a special alkalising blend which I hope can put my body back into a good balance to fight off any nasties.


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