Hocus, Pocus chocolate magic.


I came across a cake which is baked with a single batter, although the finished product looks like two cakes in one.  I just had to try it and see for myself how this magic works.  The cake batter doesn’t seem right because it is very runny and the egg whites do not completely dissolve into the mixture, but I think this is where the magic happens and the batter separates while baking producing a cake with a light spongy top layer and dense body made of rich custard.  I made this in the chocolate version because my little one loves his chocolate right now, and I will be really happy if he could turn off the 50 Easter eggs still left over in the fridge, and eat some real food for dessert… ok, maybe 50 is a bit high, let’s say 30??

The recipe is tested, tried and borrowed from ‘White on rice couple’, and I must say it was a little success and certainly not the last time to take out the magic wand.  My next attempt will be a vanilla version with my own twist on it incorporating some coconut or almond meal.


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