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Mixed Buddha Bowl


Buddha bowl is a term for a bowl of food, it is usually a mix of grains and vegetables and occasionally meat.  It was only in the last few months that I have been seeing this term and I wanted to learn more about where this concept came from.  According to a source on the internet on religious facts, in Buddhism the begging bowl is one of the most important symbols in a Buddhist’s life, it symbolises the collection of food or money.  I take it then, that over time the concept of the Buddha bowl has crossed over into the idea of simply sourced and prepared food.

Tonight I wanted to make Buddha bowls for dinner with a base of soba noodles and topped with teriyaki chicken and sauce, salt and pepper eggplant and tofu and chopped up pickles from my previous post.  It was simple, tasty, easy and healthy.  The combinations of food are endless and one of the purposes behind this idea of the Buddha bowl, is to use what ever is available – much like the way the begging bowls were used to collect what ever food was given.  It was perfect, I did not go shopping for tonight’s meal, everything was sourced from the fridge and pantry.  I am gladly adding the Buddha bowl to our weekly menu.


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