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Breaky for the boys, cheesy scrambled egg quesadilla.


I have been wanting to make a quesadilla for a long time now, I keep seeming them with different fillings and they look so delicious and appetizing and takes me back to the amazing honeymoon we had in the States and the Mexican we ate while in San Fran.  I wanted to keep it simple for my first one, so I fried onions until they were soft and caramelised, then I added a bit of beaten egg and milk – as you do for scrambled eggs.  Once cooked I put it aside on a plate and using the same pan, I threw in a tortilla and let it warm up on low heat.  I put the scrambled eggs back on and sprinkled a handful of grated cheddar and folded the tortilla.  I flipped it once and the cheese started to ooze out and crisp around the edges and so I took it off the heat, cut a few slices and served.  Now I am determined to make some that I would really enjoy, not that I wouldn’t enjoy the egg and cheese, but I would really love to try some shredded chicken with a healthy salad and haloumi or soft feta.. maybe.  That’s for another post.

Enjoy your Thursday and I hope this has your juices flowing a little as it’s almost lunch time here in Port Moresby. 🙂


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