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A special tart with a special base.


Yesterday I decided to experiment with a home-made short crust pastry.  I did a bit of research on the make up of a short crust base, and looked at the ratios between dry and wet ingredients.  Cooking is a science, and I was never too good at science at school, but if only they related everything back to food!

Tart fillings are easy, as long as you have egg and a bit of cream you can add anything.  I sautéed some bacon and kale and mixed that with eggs and mascarpone rather than cream, and I crumbled feta because I wanted a bit of tartness to this tart.

The pastry base worked beautifully.  If this were a science project, I may have received an A.  It is completely gluten free, but I keep this quiet because I know this adds a label that not everyone is willing try.  I used quinoa flour, coconut flour, whole raw almonds, butter, an egg yolk and enough water to bind, can I add that a blender as absolutely essential for this recipe.

I will post this recipe on my blog, and I am also submitting this to a food and recipe network that releases recipes collections in books from food bloggers around the world.


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