My Mummy cook me ‘fwied’ noodle plis.


On the odd occasion my son will wake up on his Asian side and ask,  “My Mummy cook me fwied noodle plis”…  Do you notice the lack of plural?  This is the Asian in him, and the plis, is his wonderful pidgin accent.  His father doesn’t understand him at times, which amuses me because he is the Chinese in the household, and his pidgin is better than most.

So I boiled the jug and threw in two mini packets of bean thread vermicelli into a bowl and while they were soaking, I chopped up 1/3 of a carrot, 1/4 of onion, 1 large garlic clove and one cabbage leaf.  Fried that in a wok all at once until cooked, added the drained noodles, a few glugs of oyster sauce and soy sauce, a quick stir and there was breakfast.  It was actually quicker than boiling an egg… This takes me back to the wonderful buffet breakfasts in Singapore, my favourite being at Hyatt where I would dream of the next day’s breakfast the night before, and what I eat for dinner would be determined by what I wanted to eat for breakfast the next day.  Singapore noodles, ginger fried chicken and jack fruit are some of my favourites.  I think it’s time for another trip to Singapore.


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