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I’ll show you what to do with an egg and some leaves.


The star of my lunch today was my egg, crunchy on the outside and soft and runny on the inside – perfect enough to be the stylish dressing on my salad.  Confession 1 – the rocket salad was a handful left over from last night’s dinner, and I added a bit of shaved apple, raw walnuts, some puffed brown rice and feta.  Voila, today’s lunch… and a really good reason to have a runny egg.  It’s not everyone’s preference to have a runny egg, but when it oozes through the rocket and coats the feta and joins the apple and rice puffs together, you just gobble like I did.  Confession 2 – there is a bit of cookie monster in me when it comes to foods I love. 🙂


3 thoughts on “I’ll show you what to do with an egg and some leaves.

  1. Jacqueline….a bit off subject here (not food lol) but I lived in PNG in the early 70’s and would love to get hold of a couple of Mary dresses again. Do they still sell up there and if so would you be kind enough (if you know) to tell me the names of the stores where they are available. I used to get mine from the trade stores. Pam


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