Afternoon snack.

frozen banana

First thing is first, grab your favourite recycled jar… whizz some frozen banana, protein powder and a bit of water with matcha green tea powder in a blender – or I have a magic bullet (which by the way has made 100’s of things convenient for me).  Put that into the jar and freeze for an hour.  When ready, layer your jar with chia seed pudding, this week mine happens to be orange and raw cacao which I like to call the Jaffa pudding, and some granola and fresh fruit.  This concept is so easily applied to your tastes, you could use yoghurt instead of pudding, you could use raw nuts instead of granola.  I would suggest you use what ever you have on hand… it will encourage you to buy more healthier ingredients, just like it has with me.  Getting back to the Chia seed pudding, every week I make a large bowl of it so I always have some on hand.  I also have a glad bag of granola ready to use, and lots of glad bags filled with frozen fruit.  A little bit of prep time, can save so much time when you really don’t have the time.  Did I forget to mention that green tea Matcha powder is excellent for your metabolism?


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