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Gluten-free, sweat-free, guilt-free Coconut & Yoghurt Cake

gluten free cake

Why I love this cake is not because it’s gluten-free, I love it because it’s dense and moist and is almost like a cheese cake but without the cream and sugar.  Everything was thrown into the blender and then baked.  I used boiled kau kau (or sweet potato), coconut flour, plain original yoghurt, vanilla essence and coconut sugar and one egg.  It was baked on low for a good 45 minutes and out came this wonderful, perfectly balanced cake.  So it doesn’t have the lift of a normal cake, but the flavour is all there and the bonus is that it can be enjoyed by everyone.  Next time I would consider throwing in some sweet palm nuts or even some flaked almonds.


15 thoughts on “Gluten-free, sweat-free, guilt-free Coconut & Yoghurt Cake

  1. Sounds great, do you have a recipe for the quantities? I would like to make this for my sister as she has so many allergies and intolerances finding cakes that she can eat is very hard (and cake is one of her favourite things!) H x


  2. Hi I love this, did you post the full recipe? Sorry if I am being slow here.
    I am glad I’ve found the blog, you’ve got some great and varied ideas. I will enjoy seeing your posts. Take a look at my blog if you get time. I think we’ve got some shared interests and tastes.


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