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Let’s talk Lunch again.


This was dinner last night with the amazing chicken (after it was cooked of course!), but this salad will taste even better today for lunch.  The fresh lemon and olive would have permeated through the quinoa and grains by now making it a softer salad.  The best thing about grains is their absorption to all the flavours around them.  By the way, this salad was super easy to prepare, roast a handful of vegetables in olive oil and salt and pepper, I had English cabbage and pumpkin on hand and you could use anything your taste buds are craving, then I prepared some quinoa in a pot, while that was happening I put the cracked wheat into a glass container with boiling water.  When everything was ready I put it into a large salad bowl and added feta cheese and a few dried figs chopped up, grabbed a handful of organic parsley, basil and coriander, and a squeeze of lemon and some olive oil.  There is no real rule or standard recipe to my salad making process.  I judge the quantities on what I want to taste, and of course who is coming over to share it with us.  It was dinner for 4, and lunch for one… of course I had to put it away so I could have some for today. 🙂


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