Eating In / Home

Doughnuts… just because.


They are cheap as chips to buy, and making them at home from scratch seems like such a waste of time, especially when it involves yeast, the kneading, the rising, the shaping, the re-rising and then the frying.  But honestly, I had to try these just to see if they really are better home-made.  I wont say that bought doughnuts are not nice, but home-made is special.  The crunchy crust with all its glory of cinnamon and sugar, and the soft spongey centre cant be matched in a grocery store, and with these beauties you can make any shape doughnut you want.  I am also thinking of the amazing toppings and fillings you could work with, like custard and nutella, or what about a savoury doughnut with ham and brie.  This will have to be for another day and another post my friends.

This is not going to be a regular cook up, my little one is on his easter break and he loves doughnuts so this is my little treat for him.

Back to my project work now… I don’t know which is my break, wether it is my project work, or my blog work. 🙂


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