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Chop, sprinkle, smother & bake.


Whats cookin’ good lookin’?  This chicken looks AMAZING.  I don’t often capture raw meat because I don’t find it appealing or appetising, but this however was looking quite photogenic.  It’s so simple, a sprinkling of Foxy Blends spice blend, some olive oil, a quick massage and then bake for an hour.  4 ingredients – chicken, kau kau (or sweet potato for my global followers), olive oil and Foxy Blends spices.

What’s for your Monday night dinner?


5 thoughts on “Chop, sprinkle, smother & bake.

  1. Looks good Jackie thanks for inviting us to share your cooking. Sorry I forgot to get your fresh produce. Hope you were able to use it yourself. Take care xx

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    • Hi Kathryn, Thanks for coming! Sorry we forgot about your fresh herbs. There is plenty where they came from, I know the little munchkin would be more than happy to put on his red gardening boots and cut some more for you. X


    • Hi there K, I have uploaded two posts which may compliment your next Tuesday post – a quinoa salad, or a gluten free coconut and sweet potato cake. Thank you for the opportunity and I have also shared and mentioned your site with my supporters. Love your work! X


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