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Sunday post work-out

vivo protein smoothie

Feeling energised for a Sunday morning.  I have missed out on a few days of exercise over Easter and catching up as of yesterday.  I have said this before, I look forward to my smoothies after a work out.  I never know what I am going to have until I open the fridge.  I have two protein powders which I alternate now – both are wonderful, but one is higher in carbohydrates which is not a bad thing at all especially when it has everything your body needs to repair itself and find its way back to the right acidity level.  I always have a bowl of chia seed pudding in the fridge which I use in different ways from day to day, and it went so beautifully with my protein shake.  I cant describe the ‘feel good’ that I get, but it leaves me wanting to do the same thing every morning.  Feeling good about yourself comes first with what you put into your body – I think… The second feel good factor is exercise.  The key to living well and feeling well is so simple – eat right and exercise.  How hard can it be?


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