Eating In / Entertaining / Lunch

Gluten free Sunday lunching.


Having my parents over is interesting.  Dad is not a fan of ‘gluten-free’, and what traditional German is?  My Mum on the other hand must have gluten-free everything, so we threw lastnight’s Orecchiette and broccoli with the slow cooked lamb into a pan and heated that through for my Dad, and I made sushi rolls for my Mum.  We ate everything, and my little one decided that he would have something different so he ate chocolate wafers…  This only happens when the grandparents are around – believe me.

The sushi rice was filled with a salad of poached chicken, Japanese mayo, grated carrot and roasted sesame seeds.  It was light and just perfect for today’s weather.  Dessert was easy, I pulled out a few pear and sunflower muffins out of the freezer for Dad, and Mum had some date and nut squares.  Gluten-free is really not that uncommon, and in fact much of the time, we do eat gluten free without realising it.  I simply don’t mind foods with gluten, but evidently the rise of intolerances comes down to the way wheat is now grown and processed.  We are slowly starting to see a come back of breads and pastas made with spelt which is part of the wheat family, however the way it is processed, and its properties, makes it more tolerable for those that are allergic or intolerant to wheat.


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