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The muffin that has it all…


As I type this, I am pretty sure I have almond butter smothered on my chin and a few crumbs stuck, but that’s ok.

I woke up this morning with a need to make a muffin that would have everything a super meal requires.  I have upped the anti with healthy eating in this household and the fridge is well stocked and organised like shelves with neatly lined books, only they are packets of chia seeds, raw granola, muesli, raw nuts, flaxseed meal, coconut, Quinoa, buckwheat and so on and so on.  My husband opened the fridge to chill some drinks for our dinner tonight, and says to me ‘you have really taken over our fridges…’ yes we have two fridges, and yes I have taken them both over.  What else can I say?

Now back to this amazing muffin.  It is a basic muffin but 1/3 of the flour was substituted with Quinoa flour, so here we have the protein content.  Then it has a generous fold of fresh apple and caramel bits, and here we have the components that appeal to the less health inclined, and the topping is really my favourite – a streusel of flaxseed meal, raw coconut and a bit of coconut sugar.  Wow, it is good.  I have photographed the image with a new lens and new props, so I am pretty excited over this post.  That gooey goodness you can see, which looks a little like a mistake, is a dollop of almond butter and that was my icing on the cake.


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