One baking dish dinner.

foxyblends kitschy kitten

The perfect meal as far as I am concerned.  Foxy Blends marinated chicken, sitting on top of a cubed taro and a cubed kau kau, and in the oven with the lid for 20 minutes, and without the lid for another 25 minutes, and there you have dinner ready.  It is a simple concept which makes the perfect meal in every sense, easy to prepare, easy to cook and easy to clean up.  I used chicken thigh fillets, and yes they do have a little more fat on them, but in the oven it disintegrates to produce a moist piece of meat and the cast iron pan was not greased because I knew the chicken would melt away slightly to help cook the chunks of taro and kau kau.  The seasoning is an incredible blend of organic rosemary, Himalayan salt, paprika, onion and garlic powder, basil and naturally grown PNG pepper, we are calling it the Kitschy kitten… because all the blends have catchy little names.  A good seasoning is essential to tastier and healthier meals, and not to mention the ease of preparing and cooking.  I am truly excited to bring Foxy Blends to the market over the coming months.


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